Hello world!

Welcome to Panama Discovery!
Allow me to explain. I’m not a travel agent and I do not have travel agency. I am a scientist. Due to my work I’m used to travel to different countries. And I like it. Moreover, when I like the place I usually pursue my family and friends to visit this place with me again. To my surprise they all like to follow me like a professional guide, which I’m not. So travelling became my hobby.
One of my favor destination is Panama. I think this only place where you can have it all-in-one and for almost any budget. Where else you can have rainforest and urban skyline, pristine nature and elite shopping within 30 minutes drive, Indian tribes and Caribbean see, waves of Pacific and extreme rivers? Sounds unreal? I CAN HELP YOU TO EXPLORE IT ALL! I will share with you all my experience, personal references, help to plan the most exotic vacation you could have. I charge one flat fee of $149.90 for this service. But think about being confident that you don’t wast your time on endless web search, you know that you not over pay, you exactly know what, where, when and how much! Furthermore my personal contacts will save you hundreds by providing discount because I refered you. So if you interested, shoot me email to nkatzfert@yahoo.com. I need to know your dates, how many days, how many people and your preferences. This email is for paypal payment as well. Hey, I can advise you the best way to get there and navigate from place to place (flight, drive, cab), wherein to stay, where to eat. You will feel like were there many time before and enjoy! I think it worth the fee I charge. HIRE ME WHEN YOU READY TO GO.